***The Art of Being® Summer Festival 2017

July 5–9, 2017, Hotel Luna, Czech Republic, 90km from Prague (less than an hour drive)
see location on the map - beautiful venue with comfortable accommodation, indoor & outdoor swimming, wellness centre and surrounded by forests

Miracle and Mystery: a not-only-Tantra festival, 3rd year
in English with Czech translation

Price: €230 + food & accommodation



♡ 5 days
♡ 18 teacher-guides and musicians
♡ 200 participants
♡ beautiful venue surrounded by nature



“5 days opening and awakening to the mystical magic of becoming present in our whole being.

We dive deep, we fly high, we share intimately and celebrate passionately, guided by Alan’s carefully chosen team of teacher-guides and musicians–men and women who love to pour out their life-transforming gifts with real presence, to enthrall and thrill us with music that may carry us into mystic space or dance us off our feet, who love the inspiration of working together, and love above all the rising festival wave that uplifts and transports us all into the realm of MIRACLE AND MYSTERY. We hope you will join us!”

Alan Lowen
The Patron, Founder and Spiritual Father of the Art of Being Festival